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For Sale

Federal Small Pistol Primers - $36.00 per thousand tax included, no hazmat, local delivery/pickup only (equivalent to $33.00 per thousand before tax)

Hodgdon Trail Boss Powder, 9 oz can - $20 each tax included, no hazmat, local delivery/pickup only

Ask about Missouri Bullets and other reloading components. All powder and primers
are fresh from the wholesale distributor.

Call Arkalon @ 913-485-0176


Want to Buy

Taurus Judge .45/.410 with 3" barrel

Contact Sterling "Silver" Stoll, call or text 785-506-1967. email:


For Sale

Set of 2 Old Model Vaquero Bisleys

  .45 Colt
  Blued 5 1/2" Eagle Gunfighter Grips
  Power Custom Halfcock hammers with Power Custom vaquero triggers
  Power Custom Free Spin Pawl
  Power Custom altered transfer bar to open loading gate at halfcock
  1 extra Power Custom Bisley halfcock trigger
  All original parts to bring guns back to stock including rosewood grips

$1600.00 for pair

Contact High Plains Hud; 913-680-5757


For Sale

Stoeger 20-gauge Youth/Lady Coach Gun: 20" barrel; 13" L.O.P.; built by Coyote Cap. Features polished internal parts, honed chambers, opening lever spring and main springs lightened, large white bead, both gun cart and stay open modifications, and Kickezz pad. Very little handling and gun cart wear

$325. Contact Tame Bill