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For Sale -- SOLD FAST!

Dillion 650 with dies for 38 special, all spare parts, tools and instructions
Auto case feeder, powder check die, vibratory brass tumbler, primers, bullets, brass and powder as well.


Vegas Dude  


For Sale

In Stock:

2 Ruger Vaqueros, 357 mag, Stainless, 4.6” - $600 each + tax (no shipping, no transfer fee) – these are brand new from the factory with full warranty (no work done to these yet).


Also In Stock:

Federal Small & Large Pistol Primers

Winchester Small Pistol Primers

Trail Boss Powder

Winchester Shotgun Shells

Federal Shotgun Shells

#7 Lead Shot 25lb


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Want to buy Marlin or Rossi rifle 44 or 45

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