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For Sale

Saddle Pants — w/brown insert, faded but in good condition. 46"waist with 31" inseam. Unknown maker. $20

Saddle Pants — tan w/tan insert Mixed buttons, slight repairs, some stains but in good usable condition. 44"W X 31"Inseam. Unknown maker. $10

Frontier Pants— Blue/white stripped 44"W X 29" Inseam. Very good condition. Classic Old West Styles. $20

Frontier Pants— Black, 44"W X 31" Inseam. Good Condition. Wahmaker. $25

Formal Frontier Pants—Black, 42" X 31" Inseam . Very Good Condition. Appear custom made (possibly by boiler maker) and match the great coat listed below. $20

Frock Coat—Black, 48" Regular. Textured material. Very good condition. Branding Iron brand. $60 **Frock Coat—Gray, 48" Regular. Very Good condition. Wahmaker. $75

Vest—Formal Black w/shinny black stripes XXL. Good condition (missing one button but has extra sewn into side seam). Wahmaker $20

Vest—Tan Duck cloth XLT. Good condition (has badge pin holes on left chest visible). Wahmaker $20

Shirts—All shirts are XXL regular size.
Frontier classics. band collar. VGC. $30
Wahmaker. Off white w/matching placard. VGC. $30
Boilermaker. White. GC $25
Maker unknown (possible Boilermaker). Dark blue flannel material, looks very warm for winter. In new condition. $30 Several others from various makers, some full button up, some missing a button. Make an offer to benefit the club. $??

Leather, hats and gun grips to numerous to list


Please contact Asa Smith at: or call/text 913-660-5618



Ruger Revolvers are on Sale again for a limited time.
Vaquero's starting at $599 each
Blackhawk's starting at $485 each
Single Sixes, Bearcats, GP-100's, RedHawks, & SP101's are all on sale
Call Arkalon for details:  913-485-0176

Also In Stock:
Federal Small & Large Pistol Primers 
Winchester Small Pistol Primers
Trail Boss Powder
Winchester Shotgun Shells
Federal Shotgun Shells
#7 Lead Shot 25lb 

Ask about other revolvers, rifles, & shotgun availability

Call Arkalon @ 913-485-0176 or


For Sale

Colt Ace conversion unit, caliber 22 long rifle. Adjustable sights. Complete upper half. Fits frame of government model pistol. For complete gun, will sell for $795 or for conversion unit only $500.

Marlin 1895 CB rifle lever action in 45-70. Like new. Asking $ 950.

Contact Herb Ashner .ak.a. turquoise vaquero



For Sale

Uberti Cattleman II's, limited edition models called The Jesse, from their Outlaws & Lawmen series. .45 Colt, all blued finish with faux bison horn one piece grips, 5.5" barrel on both. Not sequential serial numbers, but a matched pair. Wolff competition spring kit in both. Excellent condition. Very accurate. Boxes available upon request.

$800 firm.

Jonny Gringo, aka Jonny Kelly
(913)-242-1573. Any time after 3:30pm please.