The Powder Creek Cowboy range is only open for Cowboy sponsored events.

ONLY SASS approved guns and SASS approved centerfire ammo is allowed at any of our events. Only shotgun ammo approved by SASS and the PCSP is allowed.

From the PCSP website:

Target Loads Only: Always use LEAD target loads, shot sizes 7 1/2, 8, 8 1/2, or 9 shot. Larger than 7 1/2 is not permitted.

NO jacketed ammo is allowed.

If you are in question about load, please ask management.                                                                                                

Shooting non permitted guns or ammunition is ground for removal from the premises

*The only exception is for 4H events, which allow 22 rimfire in lead in standard velocity, shot at specially prepared targets. For this we have special permission from the management of PCSP.