Message to New Shooters

Congratulations on your decision to embark on your shooting sports journey.  We are excited that you have chosen Cowboy Action Shooting as your shooting discipline.  Cowboy Action Shooting brings together the spirit of the Old West with historically influenced modern firearms and shooting principles in a safe, fun environment. 

In the spirit of keeping our sport safe for shooters of all ages, and ensure your safety as well as that of the individuals you are shooting with, we require all shooters to demonstrate rudimentary familiarity and proficiency with the firearms being used.  Unfortunately, a competitive Cowboy Action Shooting match is not the forum to learn basic firearms handling.

We have learned that even experienced shooters with other types of firearms, need to learn to effectively and safely use the firearms used in our sport.  Single Action Revolvers, Lever Action Rifles, and historic or replica shotguns have unique characteristics with which it is essential you become familiar.

If you are new to our sport or new to our club, please let the Rangemaster know. He and the rest of us are there to help. While we are not firearms instructors, we can provide you with guidance and supervision to learn safely, or recommend resources to teach you the basics of safe firearms handling and use. We want everyone to have fun, but most all, have fun SAFELY!

Please download the SASS Shooters Handbook below and review prior to your first match to familiarize yourself with the rules of this fun and exciting sport. 


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